One Act Plays

Esther Sophia Artner at The Box Collective in Brooklyn, NY. © Julia Deffet.

Esther Sophia Artner at The Box Collective in Brooklyn, NY. © Julia Deffet.



(5 min.) 1W

A mother tries to heal her relationship with her offspring.


This play was written specifically for Climate Change Theatre Action 2015. It has been performed in 27 venues in the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Italy, Norway, Lithuania, Saint Lucia and the United Arab Emirates. It is available for download and can be performed royalty-free.

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Green Dating

(10 min.) 1W, 1M

A teenage girl, with very specific ideas about what she wants in a man, makes it clear she won't settle for someone who doesn't meet her environmental standards.


Manhattan Theatre Source, Best of Estro Festival, 2017
Curtin University (Australia), 2014
Manhattan Theatre Source Estrogenius Festival, 2011
The Movement Theatre Company Go Green Tour, Western Connecticut State University, 2011

Green Dating is published in Smith & Kraus's The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2012.
It is also published in Playwrights Canada Press' Long Story Short: An Anthology of (Mostly) Ten-Minute Plays, 2016.



The Miller's Daughter

(20 min.) 3W, 4M

Adapted from The Girl Without Hands by the Brothers Grimm.

A poor miller is offered wealth by the devil in exchange for what stands behind his mill. Thinking it's an apple tree, the miller agrees to the trade only to discover he has surrendered his daughter. But the daughter is so beautiful and pious, the devil is rendered powerless and must resort to desperate measures to possess her.


Met Theater, 2004