The Motherline

©  Robert Perry

©  Robert Perry

“... entertaining, engaging show with moments of real originality and laugh-out-loud humor.”

— TimeOut New York


3W, 2M

Claire, an unborn soul floating in the ether, is anxiously waiting to be born. But not any mother will do — she's determined to be born to Holly, a young lesbian who has no plans of having the necessary heterosexual intercourse to bring Claire into the world. To overcome this problem, Claire strikes a bargain with Holly's Buddhist cat Minou. Grabbing at the chance to build the good karma that will earn him a  human rebirth, Minou gives up one of his lives so Claire can come down to earth and win Holly's love.


Ibis Theatre Project @ New York International Fringe Festival,  2009
University of Miami, 2009
University of Miami, 2002
Ohio University, 2001