Holy Land

©  Michael Palma

©  Michael Palma

“Anyone interested in a raw Camus-esque style of play with a touch of Balabanov will enjoy this production.”

— Manhattan With A Twist



2W, 3M

A city under siege. The landscape is white, dusty and devastated. Soldiers shoot stray cats. Carmen has disappeared at a checkpoint. Her daughter, Imen, must face the soldiers' house searches alone. In the house next door, Alia, the midwife, nurses Jesus the cat while Yad, her husband, gets away from it all by smoking tobacco, eating pistachios and drinking arak. Then one day, Amin — Alia and Yad's son — kills a soldier. This single act transform the A-student into a martyr willing to rape, destroy and die in the name of God. 


This translation was commissioned by Play Company.


3rd Kulture Kids @ HERE Arts Center, 2014