Arts House

  • Melbourne Australia


Fri 11 December, 7pm to midnight
Streamed Live

On the final day of the Paris COP (Conference of Parties) talks, where politicians decide our planets’ future, we invite you to join us for an online streaming event as we gather around the Supper Club table with an eclectic group of scientists, artists and troublemakers to share our passions, protests, fears and hopes.

Prompted by the anticipation of a failure of political will at Paris COP21, COP OUT will stream live to the ArtCOP21 website & invites you to join the discussion via twitter and live chat or by organising your own screening of COP OUT.

Facilitated by TippingPoint Australia, with live streaming from the heart of COP by our very own City of Melbourne Councillor anchor woman Cathy Oke, contributions from students at Footscray City College, a meditation walk led by artist Liz Dunn and podcasts created by Dopplegangster – a new Australian-Welsh theatre company led by Tobias Manderson-Galvin that will be on the ground in Paris throughout ART COP, along with a heap of artists and activists from across Melbourne and around the globe who know that the time has come.

Also featuring a screening of the Climate Change Theatre Action film adaptation of E.M. Lewis's Earth Duet by Pomona College, a Skype readings by playwright Dipika Guha, and a live reading by playwright Stephen Sewell.

Sitting somewhere between pessimism and optimism and triggered by a desire to drive change regardless, COP OUT is where you’ll need to be as we plan our futures. 

Follow the conversation @artshousemelb #artcop21 #copout