Vihaan Drama Works

  • Bhopal India

Vihaan International Festival of Arts

We are celebrating the festivity of arts in VIFA at Bharat Bhawan from 15 to 17 December and a lecture session at AISECT University on 18 December. 

VIFA is being presented by Vihaan in association with Dainik Bhaskar as our media partner who are also presenting the Worldwide Photography Exhibition on Climate Change where photographs from across the world will be displayed.

In support with AISECT University, the concluding session of the festival will be held in the premise of the university. AISECT University is Vihaan’s venue partner for the last and most important session which has the complete focus of the festival. This intellectual and mind opener session is a lecture on ‘Youth, Society and Arts’ to be held at an equally dignified venue.

Two Climate Change Theatre Action plays will be presented every day of the festival. Featured playwrights are: Chantal Bilodeau, Mindi Dickstein, Dipika Guha, Amina Henry, E.M. Lewis, Abhishek Majumbar, and Sitawa Namwalie.

With all respect and optimism, we invite all of you to join us for the festivity of arts, for the sake of climate change and for supporting us in such an initiative happening for the first time in the city!