Teater Viva

  • Hjortshøj Denmark

Celebration of the Solstice

A group of men and women of all ages will read plays by Chantal Bilodeau, Catherine Butterfield, Angella Ewurwon, Amina Henry, Naomi Iizuka, Deborah Laufer, E.M. Lewis, Abhishek Majumbar and August Schulenburg. A group of musicians will compose and play acoustic music on instruments from all over the world to accompany them.

The reading will take place in Andelssamfundet - a cooperative society in Hjortshøj in Denmark.

The occasion will be our annual winter solstice party, the darkest day of the year, where we celebrate that from now on the daylight will grow stronger. We walk with lanterns through the landscape we live in and we eat together and play music, sing and dance and listen to poetry and storytelling. This year the theme is hospitality. Our own hospitality and the hospitality of the Earth that gives us shelter. We invite a group of refugees from a refugee center nearby and we celebrate the Earth by reading of the climate plays.

Around 300 of us live together in a village, which aims to be an example of a holistic way of living with sustainability as a keyword in relation to ecological, economical and social aspects of life. We are just normal people living together in a village – living our different lifes with different ages, jobs and backgrounds but connected in the wish to live more sustainably. http://www.andelssamfundet.dk/

The event is called Celebration of the Solstice in Andelssamfundet i Hjortshøj, Denmark.

Date: 20 of December.
Time : From 14- 22.
The common house; Petersborg, Gl. Kirkevej. Hjortshøj, Denmark.