Mountain Community Theater

  • Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Climate Change Theatre Action

Center Stage
1001 Center Street
Santa Cruz, CA
December 11th at 7:30 pm

Short plays. Music. Talks. Film. Comedy.

Featuring live comedy and song by Richard Stockton. Performances by Wilma Chandler, Susan Forrest, Hannah Eckstein, Erik Gandolfi, Sarah Albertson, Rita Woolworth, and many more.

Featured CCTA playwrights are: Sitawa Namwalie, Chantal Bilodeau, Arthur Kopit, Darrah Cloud, Elaine Avila, Elyne Quan, E.M. Lewis, August Schulenburg, David Geary, Neil LaBute, Andrea Lepcio, Stephen Sewell, and Amina Henry.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – sung by Quinn Becker and Katelyn Praly
Talk re artists and climate change – Jeff Kiehl

December 11
Erin Mee
December 11