Carnegie Mellon University

  • Pittsburg, PA

In-Studio Creatures

On Sunday Nov. 8 at 1:00 p.m. EST, we will read and discuss five Climate Change Theatre Action plays (detailed below) live on the In-Studio Creatures radio program at Carnegie Mellon University, station WCRT 88.3 FM. Our host will be CMU student Anna Rosati, with special guest Dr. Wendy Arons, Professor of Dramatic Literature at CMU with a standing scholarly interest in eco-drama.

We will read the following plays:

Alone by Andrea Lepcio
A Song for the Sleepers by Dipika Guha
Starving to Death in Midtown by Mindi Dickstein
How to Deny Climate Change in Five Easy Steps: a TESS Talk by Darrah Cloud
The Reasons by Gus Schulenberg