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Climate Change Theatre Action Melbourne

Paris, November 30: world leaders convene to deliberate and act on our changing climate.

Concurrent to the negotiations, Climate Change Theatre Action (No Passport, The Arctic Cycle and Theatre Without Borders, USA) have collected short plays from activists and artists across the world with something to say. Over the next two weeks their words will be read in theatres from Zimbabwe to Albuquerque. You are invited to LISTEN, SPEAK, INTERJECT and dialogue with us as we hear these short plays in public spaces and theatres across Melbourne.

At each reading we will share updated information from the Paris conference, critically interrogate the provocations put forward by the playwrights in relation to our own narratives, question and discuss these plays position with regard to the role of art within the local and global community and weigh up some fancy facts and swags of stats.

This is a free event.

Dates & Locations

FRIDAY 27th November, outside BHP Billiton International HQ, 171 Collins St. 3000, 7:30pm (after the People's Climate March)
Play: Flotsam by Elspeth Tilley

MONDAY 30th of November, The Guild Theatre Level 1, Union House, 7:30pm

SUNDAY 6th of December
Dights Falls 6PM
Bring a picnic!

Dights Falls was a natural crossing place used by the Wurundjeri people. The nearby junction of the Merri Creek and Yarra River was an important meeting place for trade, marriage, dispute resolution and other ceremonies. 12 minutes walk from Victoria Park Station. See map for how to get there.

THURSDAY 10th of December,
The Butterfly Club, 6:30PM
Carson Place, Off Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

As a special treat tonight at the Butterfly Club, along with plays from Stephen Sewell (AU) and Karen Malpede (US), and Angella J. Emurwon (Uganda) we will read a special play 'This is not Verbatim', a reinactment based on the document produced by two Kiwi interns, Hamish Laing and Ryan Mearns, currently listening outside the door of the non-public negotiations in Paris. We will also have some time with Fregmonto Zhudwick Oliphant and a marxist-communist-anarchist climate change map of revolutionary pedagogy (MCACCMRP, similar to MMORPG, except real), where we will learn the purely benevolent interests - and not capital interests at all - of the individual countries in participating in the talks.

This is what the future looks like! All welcome!

November 29