Tropa Nomade

  • Santiago Chile

Paper Swans

Tropa Nomade
December 6-11, 2015
6:00-7:00 pm
Frontis Museo de Ciencia y Tecnologia
Santiago, Chile

Tropa Nomade brings to Santiago de Chile a street play about current environmental concerns.

When a paper mill arrives to the Patagonian city of Valdivia, tragic events take place affecting its people and their most treasured animals: the beautiful Black Neck Swans. Based on a true story. 

Followed by a reading of a play by CCTA playwright Neil LaBute.

Christian Cancino

Pamela Aravena
Damaris Calderón
Danilo Cortés
Valentina Fuenzalida
Cristóbal Garay
Macarena Grandon
Pedro Halcartegaray
Pamela Marín
Patricia Moreno
Patricio Narváez
Simón Olea
Jethro Pantoja
Ana María Pinto
Lui Rivas
Thiare Rodas,
Paz Sánchez,
Nadia Serantes
Javiera Viollo

For all audiences.
Two performances only, 6th and 11th of December. 
Street event, bring sun protection. 
Free entrance, donations only.

A collective creation by Tropa Nomade Company, Santiago de Chile. 
Thanks to Climate Change Theatre Action, a joint initiative between NoPassport, The Arctic Cycle and Theatre Without Borders.