Brandeis Department of Theater Arts

  • Waltham, MA

Drop in the Bucket

Brandeis Department of Theater Arts is participating in an international movement to produce plays related to the issue of climate change in November and December of 2015. To date over a 100 theaters and universities are participating worldwide. Below is information about the Brandeis event.

All are invited to participate and attend!

Drop in the Bucket
A Series of Five-Minute Plays on Climate Change
November 15th, 2015
11:00am-12:00pm, Spingold Theater
Rehearsal Room, Room 206

We will present:

Interview with a Polar Bear by Lenora Champagne
Never, Ever Empty the Bucket by Alicia Hyland
Where Has All the Water Gone? Long Time Passing... by Arthur Kopit
Masada Now by Stephen Sewell
The Rain Has Gone Mad! by Sitawa Namwalie

Post-show discussion will follow the performance.

For more information, email:

In Collaboration with Climate Change Theater Action, No Passport, The Arctic Cycle, Theatre Without Borders and ArtCOP21.