University of Connecticut

  • Storr, CT

Theatrical Explorations of Climate Change

Room 228, Department of Dramatic Arts, UCONN
Tuesday November 10, 2015 9:30am -11:30am

The class of DRAM 1710 EXPLORATIONS OF ACTING in the Department of Dramatic Arts at the University of Connecticut will read 8 new international plays collected by Climate Change Theatre Action with NoPassport, The Arctic Cycle, and Theatre Without Borders as collaborators.  The plays read will include work by playwrights Neil LaBute, Deb Laufer, Dipika Guha, Elaine Avila, E.M. Lewis, Lynn Rosen, Deborah Asiimwe and Lenora Champagne.  The playwrights represent Uganda, Canada, USA and India.  A discussion will follow. 

Students in DRAM1710 are: Yae Adegoke, Ayla Albright, Alana Conti, Angel Cooper, Taylor Denges, Katherine Dole, Rhiannon Hoffman, Casey Lampert, Danielle Lewczyk, Lizz Mangan, Emma Mathieu, Melanie Phaneuf, Tristan Sayah and Alexandra Browkowski. Professor Helene Kvale will direct.